Friday, January 18, 2013

Catching up

Well, Happy New Year......I haven't started any official "resolutions" thus far, but I am sure it will contain the usual; Eat better, drink more water, spend less money and exercise. I also want to complete more projects, finish old projects, learn how to spin on a wheel, and start a container garden.

I have been knitting like a mad woman. I took my yarn off of etsy, I want to make a patchwork blanket out of all the colors I dye. I also started a pair of socks for the Sock it to me KAL. Each month we knit up another pair of socks. I wish I had used a different color...I have yet to fall in love with mine. or complete the second one for that matter.

My father came up from California late last summer for a visit and brought up a few bags and boxes I had left tucked away in a closet at my parents house. One of the bags held many strips of green and blue strips of cloth...the very first log cabin quilt had ever started. It was originally for my brother, but I think it is too girly for him....looking at it now i can see what he meant. Fresh out of the basic training and his sister is trying to make him a quilt with dragon flies and swirlies. But Issac likes it so I am making it for him. I am not a quilting genius or anything. I can honestly say I have a lot more started quilts than finished ones. I decided to give hand piecing a try while at work. Then yesterday i pulled out my sewing machine
and realized just how "first time" this quilt really is. my strips were not cut strait, math all wrong, and when i did get a block done there was no way it was going to be squared off properly. So I'm making do with the best of it and calling it rustic.

I also wanted to share with you the bulk section at Winco. I love the muffin mix. I have been making these blueberry muffins at night for my family to have for breakfasts on the days i work. muffin papers, a muffin tin, mix water and 15 min in the oven is all you really need. I make the small ones and let the kids have 2 in the morning.