Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Etsy items

I managed to get 3 new items in my Etsy store! 

I use to make these for my yahoo group friends years ago. But I think it's time to share them again. Please take a look and tell your friends!


Craftywitch's Corner finally broke 1000 views! I plan on doing a contest but I'm not sure when. Check back for the details!

I woke up this morning wanting to bake cookies. I don't recommend doing this before coffee. I doubled everything except the flour. It wasn't until after my cup of coffee I came to this conclusion but the cookies are edible. Kyle said I can't call them low carb because it's missing half the flour. It's just the basic Quaker Oats Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies just remember to double ALL the ingredients. 

Monday is my cleaning day. With 6 people and 2 dogs, it really needed it. But with the kids home from school and my Grandmother making excuses as why she hasn't started cleaning yet (while trying to race ahead of me undoing what I had just started) took me about 4 hours longer than normal. But my grandmother knows how to make a sheet look elegant on a couch. Sounds funny but it's true.

I didn't finish the knitting stitch holders like I had planned today. But crafting today was like magic...all the supplies aligned and I had everything I needed right in front of me to make stitch markers for cross stitch. Even the elusive Krazy Glue happened to be at hand. I think I should start doing tutorials on some of this stuff.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quiet Sunday

I spent the morning teaching my son how to sew a seam. Using a black marker I drew a line along 2 of the edges of a piece of corduroy.  

He worked very hard staying on that line and was rewarded with a new pouch for a small toy or two.

I also decided to try my hand at designing my own  fingerless glove. I finished the first one this afternoon. I'll probably start the second one while watching Walking Dead.

I really like making stitch markers. It gives me a chance to use my new wire wrapping super powers for something useful.

I'll have these stitch markers in my Etsy store tomorrow!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I have been so busy! After a number of months I have gathered enough goodies to reopen my Etsy store Craftywitchcorner. I have done a little more research about organizing and how to post on Etsy. I have also been steadily increasing my stock! 

I have successfully learned how to use Microsoft Excel 2010 so I can keep track of my sales and product easier. 

Here is the video that best helped me with Microsoft Excel 2010

I have also started wire wrapping quite a bit and I have also been looking into chain maille again. I love making different types of jewelry and learning new techniques.

 My sister and her husband, Mario, brought me a small box fulled with tumbled stones! They had heard me mention I was learning how to wire wrap and brought it to me for practice. I spent hours going threw the whole box, plotting and planning what each one will look like. I was starting to feel like Gollum from J.R.R. Tolken's Lord of the Rings.

I also figured out how to make my own snag free stitch markers! I feel so empowered!

My daughter has also been working on her bracelets and I have given her the O.K. to make a few and that I will post them on Etsy for her. I am not expecting perfect pieces, but maybe she will have fun and a good experience doing it.

Everything seen in this blog can also be seen in my Etsy store