Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Costume Time

It's that time of year again. Time to pin the kids down to what they want to be for Halloween. Both Issac and Elizabeth want to be champions from the game League of Legends. I wasn't able to get into the game, but you will find both children on either side of Kyle asking questions about each of the 105 champions in the game.

Issac has chosen Kennen. I found some purplish flannel in the shed for his suit and I can knit a beanie with ears for his head.

Elizabeth chose Annie.  I wonder if she will be excited when her hair is pink. I have a few ideas for Annie's stockings....painted adult white hose, knitted leg warmers, or just strips of fabric sewn together.

Also I am in the process of making my first ever video. I have hit a few learning bumps, but it's nothing you tube can't fix. Now that I have Sony Vegas and a Corel trial, video is warring with my fiber arts.

Speaking of fiber arts, I managed to spin some of the purple-wine color. And with the longer spindle I had made, I can make much bigger skeins than before.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Drop Spindle

I know I usually post once a week, but i have had a few people ask me how to make a drop spindle. I tried finding a good video on how to make a drop spindle and I thought I would do a post on how to make a drop spindle. I found a basic video on how to make a drop spindle out of things from around the house.

The girl in the video uses card board and a pencil  but you can also use a wooden dowel and some old CD's you may have around the house. I have been toying with the idea of making my own "how-to" vids. Maybe Ill make one for the drop spindle.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Every one loves free stuff...

I love the free section of Criagslist. I have managed to find some great throw-away furniture, planters, plants, and even more wool than I know what to do with. So it's there I went when my friend Jackie posted a picture of her crafting area in her house. When I went for a visit, I was so impressed that I when I got home I announced I was taking over half the living room. Kyle and I do most of our T.V. watching in the bed room and the T.V. in the front room doesn't work. So I hit craigslist for a free desk. I ended up picking up two so Kyle didn't have to use my sewing table any more for his computer. The fold down seats in the back of my Focus makes having a monthly car payment worth it. Its not as impressive as my friend's area, but its a start.

So I managed to get some canning done this week. My first time doing it with out my mother or grandmother.I was 9 the last time I canned with my grandmother, but even after so long it felt like something I have always known how to do. I started to pumpkin butter from fresh pumpkins and then read that it should be refrigerated even if canned. So I added apple cider vinegar instead of apple juice hoping that it will help. I still keep all the jars in the fridge though. I don't think I will make pumpkin butter again.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Trying something new

We have an apple tree that has gone wild here in my neighborhood. It produces a ton of very small tart apples. So Thursday the four of us picked a ton of these really small apples. The kids took turns climbing into the tree to shake down more. then last night I pealed and cut them up  covered

them with the apple cider vinegar and let them boil till soft. Then I started to add the sugars and spices. Well I think I added too much vinegar because when you first taste it, you taste a wonderful apple butter taste. After a few seconds go by BAM the vinegar hits the back of your throat making your eyes water. Well at least the apples were free. I do have to say it was fun to make, but I think when I give pumpkin butter a try I'll make sure I have a full day to focus on it.

I also worked a little on my Heaven And Earth Designs (HAED). The little gnome holding the first letter of my son's name has come out of the drawer again. At the rate I am working on him, I wont have it done any time soon, but that's ok. You can see the little bit of progression I have made between the two pics. It's been a really long time since I have put this much effort into this piece. 

Now I am going to leave you with the evidence of  the true blanket hog in the house. She has figured out how to slowly pull the covers off of our bed for herself. I had to take this picture early one morning upon my return from the restroom.