Sunday, January 8, 2017

Craft Cup Tutorial

I love Greek yogurt and the idea came to me to use these cups for beads and jewelry findings during a jewelry making period. After removing the labels and washing a few, the need to decorate these plain little cups hit me. I have come to the realization that drawing is an area I still need work on.

Basic Supplies:

Plastic container (Greek yogurt cup)
Scrapbook paper
Modge Podge 
(or any decopage glue should work)
A sponge brush
cup of water
Paper towel 
(for clean up)



 I love the different prints that scrapbook paper offers. I like to use a medium to light weight paper because I find it easier to shape around edges.

I first cut my scrapbook paper into small pieces.

The container needs to be clean and dry.

Working in sections, apply a thin layer of your decoupage to the cup.

Applying a thin layer of decoupage to the back of your paper makes it easier to mold to the cup.

 Working in small sections keeps the glue from drying before you can get to that part of the cup.

Don't be afraid to use the decoupage, it dries clear. 

I use my fingers to work the paper into the creases and work bubbles out. 

It gets messy, but messy is the best kind of fun!

Keep working your way around the cup until the whole thing is covered. don't forget to work those air bubble out and smooth everything out!

After all of the air bubbles are worked out, this is a good time to add embellishments. I like to use scrap booking stickers like theses little rhinestones.

After adding your embellishments I will add one more layer of decoupage to make sure everything is going to lay flat.

Set in a safe place to dry. 

I usually will give it a few coats of sealer. Modge-Podge makes a very nice sealer.

That is all for today! Check back for more tutorials!