Sunday, December 29, 2013

Head Pins

I decided to start making my own head pins. I can never find the length I need in the color I need in the gauge I need and in the amount I need. I know I'm needy, what can I say. You know what this means....

This was uploaded by Beadaholique. She shows a few different ways to make the no muss no fuss spiral head pins. 


And here are my first attempts. Not too shabby, but I need to pick up some nylon coated tools so the wire doesn't get nicked. 

I also found a really awesome video for anyone who wants to try making the balled head pin. This takes a few more supplies than I have on hand. But it is going into my favorites for the summer when I can do things like this out side and not in front of my computer.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I love the holidays! They keep me busy every year, but this year it has been a bit more chaotic. I have had so many knitting requests it has been hard to keep up with them. Now that we are living near my family there are more people to think about. This is the year my daughter gets her first cell phone and my son gets his first tool box complete with tools. I still have to bake cookies too! 

Over the next couple of days I'll be posting every evening. Cookie recipies and if i am feeling adventurous I'll make my grandmother's Spanakopita (Greek Spinich Pie!)

I'm adding afew new items ot my store today too! Use coupon code happyholidays for 10% off any purchace $8.00 or more in my etsy store untill December 31, 2013

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fingerless gloves and mittens

My first pair of fingerless gloves were when I worked for Kirkwood Mountain Ski Resort. My mother had given them to me and I wore them till they fell apart. Fingerless gloves were high on my list of things I want to make for myself.

It took me forever to to find the right pattern. I was attracted to the embroidery the designer put on her gloves.

 These are a slight variation of the ones if the above picture. I have some practice to do on them. I need to cast on the fingers a little looser and maybe use a smaller size needle on the cuff. But that is my own skill that I need to improve on. I started a favorite pattern link list in the side bar of messiness. 

 I also found that everyone likes the fingerless mittens too. Make it easy for me because they are so quick to stitch up. 
I used The hand painted roving I made earlier in the year to make a pair for my grandmother.

I made this pair for my daughter.

My sister requested a pair for a Christmas present. I hope I can get them done in time. The pattern I use I incorporated from a different pattern. But there isn't much left of the original pattern that I haven't changed. I am still reluctant to call the pattern my own because I started with an already published pattern. Might be worth doing a little research on.

I also splurged on myself and bought myself some new double pointed needles off EBay. I keep taking them out and looking at them then putting them all away again. 

It also had snowed about a week ago. Goggle had added in the snow affects. I am still trying to figure out Photoshop so this isn't my doing. I am still working on the free online class for Photoshop, but it's hard to find a good chunk of time every day to dedicate to an online class. I havnt given up on it, it's just taking longer than I want. So I went back to youtube and started looking for any beginner PS tutorials and found TutorialsForGraphics. If you are not use to the gentalman's accent, be patient, he gives a lot of very good information. I had my PS open so I could follow along. 

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Friday, December 13, 2013

My Baby's Wing Recipe

Kyle made party wings for lunch today! I had casually asked him if he could make party wings one of these days. Well today is the day. And he said I could share his recipe with everyone! The pics look a little blurry, but this was a spur of the moment photo shoot.

Lets get started with the meat. The sauce should be made closer to the end of the cooking time of the meat so everything is hot when you finally combine everything together.

3 lbs of party wings (or chicken drumletts)

Black pepper
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Ground chipotle pepper

Combine all seasonings in a small bowl to taste.

In a large bowl, sprinkle season mix over chicken.  Toss chicken to make sure that there is an even coating.

Because it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it can be too cold to fire up the bbq. But Kyle loves to grill and will at every opportunity. He had seared the chicken on grill for 1 to 2 min on each side and then moved to indirect heat at a temp of 350F for 30 min.

If you would rather cook them on your stove, you can sear them in a pan and bake in oven for 30 min at 350F.

A tip to making great wings is to make the sauce 10 min before the meat is done cooking. This way the sauce and the meat will marry nicely. 

For the sauce:

1/2 cup butter
1 cup your favorite hot sauce
2 tsp minced garlic

He used Crystal's Louisiana's Hot Sauce and I highly recommend it

In a small sauce pan, melt butter. Add Hot sauce and bring to boil. Turn down heat and let simmer for 10 min.

The mixture is going to be very hot so I suggest you use large spoons to mix the sauce and chicken together.  You want to evenly coat the chicken in sauce.

I hope you enjoy these wings as much as we did!

I have been spinning a lot. So I'll be adding some yarn to my store in the near future!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Making Stitch Markers for Cross Stitchers

What you need:
Super glue
long sewing pins
beads that will fit the pins
seed beads

You have a couple of different ways you can place you beads. Just make sure you have enough of the needle shaft to make your place in your cloth and not fall out.

This is an example of the seed bead on top and bottom.

Place a very small drop of crazy glue to the bottom bead. Make sure the drop rolls toward the beads and not down the needle shaft. The glue seems resist being pulled out of the cloth even when dry. 

Then the only thing left to do is let the glue dry. 

I hope you you enjoyed my first tutorial!
If you would rather just buy a set, you can find them in my Etsy store

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shop Update

I was browsing Etsy the other day and I noticed that I always consider shipping costs even when I am just looking. So I decided to offer free shipping .

I am also in the process of creating a Facebook page. I don't utilize Facebook like I should.

I have made a bunch of cross stitch markers that I will be adding to my inventory in the next couple of days. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

The wire wrapping bug

So my good friend Jackie inspired me to give wire wrapping a try. I started off with what ever I had in my stash. I don't remember what the wire was made of but it wasn't the easiest wire to work with .

My first attempt didn't turn out so very badly. A little sloppy but it is my first try. 

I had talked myself into two packs of wire. Fortunately you really do not use as much as you think. So I am certain I won't be needing more for a while.

Elizabeth is always interested in seeing what i am working on. When I told her that i was making pendents for necklaces, she brought me a rock she had been carrying around and asked me to make one for her. She now wears it on a chain around her neck or tied to her back pack like a charm. 

Her pendent was my first attempt with the new wire. Still a little sloppy in my opinion, but a few videos on YouTube taught me how to clean it up.

My sister and her husband brought a box full of these stones that they found at the secondhand store. some of the pieces I have made recently are in my etsy store CraftyWitchCorner

Sunday, December 8, 2013

First snow!

Woke up to a beautiful snowy morning! I am not just talking about the glittery white blanket that seems to mute the neighbor hood. I am talking about the fact that I prepared to be snowed in! There really isn't enough on the ground to make me "snowed in" per say, it just gives me the excuse not to go out. So I am spending the day at home.

I am glad there was enough snow for the kids to find a small hill to sled down. They had a lot of fun.


I have been really into stitch markers lately. They are quick and cute and fun! Unfortunately, I had misplaced the first set and had to make a second one for my store.  

I was experimenting with some beads I had packed away and came up with this. I love them so I am making myself a set and a set for for my store.

Wasn't quite sure how the black was going to turn out. I was worried the black would break up to the point it wouldn't look black. It happened once. . .  wasn't what I wanted but it looked kinda cool.

Well that's all for today!  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I got presents!

My family really love the finger less gloves I made my daughter. More I have a few orders for Christmas. But I had stopped spinning in order to trim down my stash. Now I have an excuse to start again.

 I received a wonderful package in the mail from my good friend, Jackie. She has been making some really cute things.

Her "sweet treats" are made of polymer clay.  

Cookies, doughnut, and M&M jewelry!


There were also these based wrap bracelets and these rings.  

One fit my pinky and one fit Elizabeth's.

 That's the great thing about having crafty friends. It always ends up being an extended version of show and tell but with an appreciative audience. 

chocolate chip cookie earrings!

I also managed to get the Stitch Markers finished and in my store.