Thursday, January 16, 2014

88 Skein Challange

I mentioned my  88 skein challenge in my last post. And how I would like to become better with the mediums I am currently working with. I have only had YouTube as a teacher. I have never been shown how to pin by a real live person. But I think I have done well for myself. The yarn I make stays together and isn't over spun. I like how it knits up. Ok enough bragging.

Why did I choose 88 as the number of skeins I should make for this challenge? The number just popped into my head. When I did a search and found that the Chinese feel the number 8 is a lucky number. Besides if spinning up 88 skeins of yarn doesn't improve my knitting even a little, then I NEED classes.

I wanted to start from square one when I decided to take up spinning. So when I found some free fleece on Craig's list, I decided it was a good opportunity to learn via the Internet. I felted a few bowling ball size pieces of wool learning how wash it properly. 

What I am working with for the time being, is a very soft mixed breed of sheep. I haven't ever worked with softer wool and I bought a garbage bag full! 

So back to my Challenge. I want to complete all 88 skeins before the new shearing season. Not only will I be a better spinner, but it will justify buying more fleece!

I invite you to follow along and watch my progress. Or if you want, challenge yourself! I would love to see pics of what everyone is working on. It doesn't have to be just knitting. Send your pics to my e-mail and I'll blog about them!