Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Dye Day

So far my favorite part of the whole process of making yarn is dying. I can't draw, let alone paint a picture like my grandmother. But hand painting a skein makes me think of painting in water color. 

I usually soak my fiber in a container of water with about a cup of vinegar untill the fibers are soaked completly. This makes it easier for the dye to get to every fiber.  

I thought about going to the dollar store and buying squeeze bottles for ketchup and mustard, but I found that reusing water bottles would work just as well.

Unfortunately my green came out a little washed out, but I don't think I put enough dye in the bottle. Oh well, that's what this is, a learning experience. But I think I am going to focus on green the next time I dye.

A rainbow sausage! I pop it in the microwave and run it for 5 min on high then let it cool for 5. I repeat this process till the liquid is clear. 

Once it the rainbow sausage has completely cooled, I cut it out of the plastic and rinse it in the hottest tap water and Dawn dish soap till the water runs clear. Then hang dry.
Time to get back to work. Oh and if you are interseted in buying some of the yarn I will be posting a lot on Craftywitchcorner