Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New find

I finally found something I enjoy doing in the way of exercise.  Hiking. I can take Isis and not worry about other people or dogs or cars. She likes to pull sometimes and I usually spend most of my walk stopping to correct her. But when we go to Gold Bug Park, I can just let her off of her leash and let her run.  There my biggest worry is the thought that she would run into a porcupine or skunk or get her harness caught and I would have to dive into the under brush after her.

I had to buy a pretty new pink harness because the last one was getting too small (My grandmother forgets how many treats she gives out.)

We usually take a trail that leads up to a mine shaft, but today I wanted a change of scenery.

We found what I can only guess as the beginning of a mine. Isis loved the smells in the carved out alcove.
The sun hit the trail just right.

This looks like it goes further back than this, but I could see the back wall.  Good spot to take cover if you got caught out in the rain.

We found that this "new" trail met up with the one we normally take. The whole experience have me a sense of accomplishment.